A downloadable Mobile Game

In this fast paced endless runner you control the young robot girl Aris as she retrieves certain items needed for Dr. Totle's other inventions. Aris, is powered by her own optimal data algorithm giving her the ability to channel certain levels of electromagnetism, which then allow her to travel on the railways of Flueristan. Your Task is to help Aris get the items she needs by zooming over the tracks, entering tunnels, and dodging obstacles.

General Mechanic:

  • Tap the left and right sides of the screen to move Aris up or down.
  • Land on polarity bars, or Lights to refill your Magmeters
  • Enter tunnels to gain more points


  • Multiple unlocks both cosmetic and gameplay inclusive
  • Speed Mode: Basic game mode where there are no magmeters or tunnels, only Aris v.s the obstacles game mode increases in speed as long as the character survives
  • Tunnels that change the perspective of the game to add more variety
  • Purchasable continues (optional)

Achievements/ Unlocks: (all point based achievements are subject to change)

[All "modes" increase said polarity at 5 second intervals.]

  • + mode automatically increases your positive polarity as you play, obtained at 10,000 points
  • - mode automatically increases your negative polarity as you play, obtained at 20,000 points
  • Equilibrium mode increases both magmeters as you play, obtained at 50,000 points
  • Double points. Self explanatory, multiplies your score by 2x as you play, unlocked at 1,000,000

[All cosmetic skins can be chained with the previous achievements]

  • Cosmetic - Small Red: Grants one free hit on any obstacle. Easy - unlocked by running into 17 obstacles
  • Cosmetic - Construction outfit: Doubles points by 2x inside all tunnels. Medium - unlocked by entering 10 tunnels in one playthrough
  • Cosmetic - Nan0 outfit: Unlocks Speed mode Medium - unlocked by ???
  • Cosmetic - Acorny outfit: Cosmetic only. Hard: Unlocked by unlocking all other cosmetic outfits.